Welcome to Landmark Preschool



Our teachers are highly trained in early childhood development.


We believe children learn to express themselves through play, imagination, and interaction with others.


Age appropriate activities are planned according to the developmental needs and abilities of each child.

Our Mission

Play, Learn, and GROW!
Landmark Preschool is a private Christian-based school for children 2yrs -5yrs.
Our staff is passionate, highly trained, and driven to provide the utmost care and attention to our students. We are dedicated to teaching children in a small classroom setting and giving each student the opportunity to learn through one-on-one interaction. Our constructive curriculum is designed to prepare for, and exceed, kindergarten expectations. We teach fundamental learning skills, healthy habits, and general life lessons, in a fun and interactive environment. We pride ourselves in providing a loving and compassionate environment to help children exceed in their natural talents and abilities. 
A typical day at Landmark Preschool consists of:
Signing in (learning to spell their name)
Circle time
Pledge of allegiance
Outside learning and play

*We also offer pre-scheduled field trips throughout the year and encourage parent involvement.


Meet our Staff

Passionate about the future, dedicated to our students!

Our staff is highly trained, dedicated, and passionate in helping children learn and grow!
We view each moment as a “teaching moment”, and our students thrive from that philosophy.



After all of our students sign in by creatively spelling their name, we give them a few moments to settle in with some creative play time. Once everyone is settled and ready to start the day, we dive right in to circle time. Circle time is when we teach our students the pledge of allegiance, the days of the week,  we talk about weather and seasons, and we read a story. Circle time has turned into one of our students favorite times during preschool, so we like to make sure it’s one of the first things we do in the morning.

Did you know?
-Students without an early childhood education are 25% more likely to drop out of high school, and 70% more likely to be arrested for a violent crime.

Landmark Preschool believes that children learn best in a happy, vibrant, and relaxed atmosphere. We provide a loving and encouraging environment which promotes creativity, independence and self-fulfillment in our students. Our classes are made up of mixed ages which promotes “peer learning”, and social competence. Our program is based on learning through play, imagination, and interaction with others. We take a portion of each class for structured learning to help our students prepare for grade school activities. By the time your child finishes their time at Landmark Preschool, they will have all the skills needed to start and excel in their kindergarten education.

Did you know?
– Only 28% of children that did not attend a preschool prior to kindergarten were ready to start school by the age of 5.

Outdoor play is a vital part in our classes, we take time at the end of every class to allow our students free play on the playground, creative play with chalk, or specially planned activities on our 27 acre campus. Children are naturally drawn to active play outdoors, it promotes muscle strength, coordination, and creativity. We encourage out students to be creative, physically independent, and active throughout their time with us.

Did you know?
– Lacking daily outdoor play can cause stress and anxiety in children, resulting in depression and sometimes ADHD.

Throughout our school year, we take at least two carefully planned field trips with our students. Our lesson plans leading up to these trips educate our students in everything they will experience first hand. In the 2016/2017 school year, our students spent weeks learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, at the end of their lessons they were taken to a butterfly farm where they had an interactive review of their lessons and were able to interact first hand with Monach butterflies. By the end of our field trip, our students could hold a conversation about the Monach butterflies, and tell you about how they transition from a caterpillar to a beautiful golden creature.

Did you know?
-Interactive learning sharpens a child’s critical thinking skills and enhances their ability to understand what they are learning.


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  • 2-Day Program
  • $130.00
  • per month | 2.5yrs – 5 yrs
  • $75 Registration
  • 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • 8:00 AM Early Drop Off – $5
  • 3-Day Program
  • $180.00
  • per month | 4yrs – 5yrs
  • $75 Registration
  • 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
  • 8:00 AM Early Drop Off – $5


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Contact Us

Phone: (336) 225-8066
Address: 208 Landmark Pl. Lexington, NC 27292
Email: sltyre@lexcominc.net